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    Our Goal as an Academy

    Academy Development Programme is an independent Football Academy, which gives our players an opportunity to receive professional coaching in an Independent Environment.

    We believe the coaching syllabus that the players receive, covers all aspects to enable a player to develop, and players will receive feedback each month, through a private players area within the website on a monthly topic by topic basis.

    The coaches within our Academy, have vast experience of working within Coaching and Recruitment at youth academies of various professional clubs, and are able to pass this knowledge, expertise, experience and guidance onto our players.

    Players will also take part in Sprint Coaching, and Speed and Conditioning Coaching in order to improve an individual’s performance. The main objective of this training will be designed to maximise the players performance and maturation which will compliment their football training.

    • Fundamental movement patterns
    • Biomechanical/postural improvements
    • Speed (specifically acceleration)
    • Fitness (specifically lactic & alactic tolerances)
    • Agility
    • Core stability
    • Flexibility

    • Balance
    • Co-ordination
    • Reaction time
    • Spatial awareness
    • Thought processing
    • Decision making

    In addition to the coaching programme, we offer all of our talented players the opportunity to perform in a games programme which takes place predominantly on midweek evenings.

    We organise fixtures to allow our players the opportunity to translate technical skills acquired through the delivery of the coaching syllabus and put this into practice within the games programme. In addition to games in our local area, we play Academies and Development Centres in various parts of England along with entering pro select invite only tournaments.

    A recent exciting development to the Academy Development Centre Programme has been the formation of a Player Select Centre through our recent association with Crown Football Agency.

    The ethos behind this initiative, is that players who perform at a high level in coaching and in the games programme through attending the Academy Development Centre Programme on a Friday evening will be invited to attend a Player Select Centre, which shall take place on a Tuesday night.

    Tuesday night sessions are funded through Crown Football Agency and some private sponsorship which allow players to access further technical work, along with speed, strength and conditioning work.

    Those players who are invited to attend the Player Select Centre, will sign a contract with Crown Football Agency and the Academy Development Centre.

    The aim is for players within the Player Select Centre is to develop to a high enough standard to be considered for trials with Category 1 and Category 2 Academies of professional clubs. Crown Football Agency works with clubs such as; Fulham, Liverpool, Southampton, Brighton, Manchester Utd, Manchester City, Norwich, Bristol City, Stoke City, Everton, West Ham.

    We have had many successful players come through the centers’ and have had over 230 boys signed by professional clubs over the past 8 seasons.

    We can make no promises but ask for all your support and effort to ensure you get the best benefits from the Centre.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Academy Development Centre or Crown Football Agency please use the button below.

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