There will be no training tonight "30th Oct" or tomorrow "31st Oct" due to half term but will re-commence next week as usual.    Would you like to earn a free trip to the Keele Tournament 2015? More details coming soon...
Academy Development Centre
The Academy Development Centre has a new look for 2014!

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No Training Tonight or Tomorrow

There will be no training tonight or tomorrow due to half term but will re-commence as usual next Thursday and Friday.



September 2014 Review

Interview with Stuart Henderson, Director of Football Development



Keele Warrior Cup 2014

ADC Under 10’s



Match Day Venues

We are excited to announce that we have secured floodlight facilities at Elburton Villa FC, where we shall look to stage games once a month, on the 1st teams grass pitch under lights. Additionally, we have secured a further floodlight pitch at Tavistock College, and also the use of the 3G facility at this site for additional games.

There will be some games still staged at our training headquarters, Saltmill, particularly in the younger age groups, but to have such facilities will allow us to host more games to analyse how the players are developing.

The games at Elburton, will predominantly take place on a Monday and the games at Tavistock College will predominantly take place on a Wednesday.



Our Goal as an Academy

Academy Development Centre Limited is an independent football academy to give young schoolboy players from 6 to 16 years of age who are above average ability, the opportunity to develop as both an individual and a team player within a structured unit.

The Academy Development Centre is run independently to Torquay United Football Club, with the Academy Development Centre providing an environment in which players can develop through following a Comprehensive Coaching Syllabus.

The Academy aims to bridge the gap between grassroots football and the Academy at Torquay United.

In addition to the coaching programme, we offer all of our talented players the opportunity to perform in a games programme which takes place predominantly on midweek evenings. We organise fixtures to allow our players the opportunity to translate technical skills acquired through the delivery of the coaching syllabus and put this into practice within the games programme.

By developing good relationships with both local Clubs and local leagues within the area, coupled with the fact that players of the Academy Development Centre can continue to play for their local grassroots Club while they attend the programme has proved a successful formula.

Over the past 5 seasons, over 80 players have signed schoolboy contract forms with Torquay United’s Academy.